Through research, advocacy, and direct services, we work to create a criminal justice system that is equitable, treats people with compassion and dignity, and allows for second chances. We promote a safe and thriving community by purposefully advocating for both people who have criminal records and people who have been victims of crime.


MPR's Kerri Miller Spoke with Panelists and took calls and comments from the communtiy regarding employment issues for people with Felony convictions.  It was a thought provoking and lively conversation.  You can see the comments here: and find an audio recording of the conversation soon. 

The Council offers hundreds of Minnesotans a year guiddance and assistance pursuing relief from criminal records via expungment clinics and criminal records workshops, and trains HR professionals on fair hiring practices related to criminal records.


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Volunteer as a crime victim advocate on the Council's 24 hour crisis hotline. You can work at home or in our offices. Flexible schedules.

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