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The Council on Crime and Justice is pleased to share the results of our recently completed Health Impact Assessment of Proposed Drug Sentencing Reform in Minnesota.  A diverse group of impacted community members, court professionals, department of corrections staff, service providers and others helped guide this work. This report describes the potential health impacts associated with proposed drug sentencing policies in an effort to inform the decision-making process. We welcome feedback, so please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts on the findings and recommendations we present in this document.

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We need to restore voting rights to the 47,000 Minnesotans living in our community who are ineligible to vote due to a felony conviction. Once the criminal justice system has determined that a person should be allowed to live in our community, there is no good reason they should not be allowed to have a voice in our democracy. Civic engagement should be encouraged, not prosecuted.

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Through research, advocacy, and direct services, we work to create a criminal justice system that is equitable, treats people with compassion and dignity, and allows for second chances. We promote a safe and thriving community by purposefully advocating for both people who have criminal records and people who have been victims of crime.



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