As a volunteer with the Council on Crime and Justice, you will be part of a dynamic organization, have flexible hours, be afforded the opportunity for extensive, ongoing training, and gain valuable experience and satisfaction in the criminal and social justice arena.  To assure that your volunteer experience will be a rewarding and satisfying one, you should have an interest in working on criminal and social justice issues.

Volunteer Crime Victim Advocate Position Description

Crime Victim Advocate Volunteer Application

If you have other skills or talents that you would like to contribute to the Council, please contact hr@crimeandjustice.org to discuss developing your own volunteer position.






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 Cleaning a Criminal Record in Minnesota

Cleaning a Criminal Record in Minnesota





To Help Crime Victims!

Volunteer as a crime victim advocate on the Council's 24 hour crisis hotline. You can work at home or in our offices. Flexible schedules.

Upcoming Volunteer Advocate Trainings:

Th. Sep 4th - 4:30-9pm
M. Sep 8th - 4:30-9pm
Tu. Sep 9th - 4:30-9pm


Framework opinion paper by Jason Marque Sole, "The War on Drugs"

Framework position paper by Sue Abderholden, "Changes in the Mental Health System"

Framework opinion paper by Otis Zanders, "MCF-Red Wing Perspectives on the State Juvenile Criminal Justice System"

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Reducing Racial Disparity
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