A staff of professionals with expertise in criminal justice issues, law, research, community outreach, direct care, non-profit administration and management and project management, carries out the organization’s activities.

A dedicated Board of Directors with expertise in public policy, social service, and issues related to social and criminal justice lends critical support to the efforts of our staff and is fully engaged in the mission of our organization.

Andrew Sagvold
Jane Marshall, Ph. D.
Research and Evaluation Associate
Marin Phelps
Research Assistant

Family Services
Ruth Johnson
Project Coordinator
Thomas Powell
Mentor Coordinator / Educator
Advocacy & Public Policy
Joshua Esmay
Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
Andrea Palumbo
Criminal Records Attorney
Suzy Gustafson
VISTA Attorney
Shoshana Davidoff-Gore
Yale Summer Intern

Myles Ambrose
Macalester Summer Intern

Crime Victim Services
Crime Victim Hotline
24 Hours

Sharon Haas
Crime Victim Advocacy Program Manager
Lisa Underwood
Crime Victim Advocate
Derek Ballandby
Crime Victim Advocate and Outreach Intern

Sarah Salsgiver
Crime Victim Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator
Samantha Greer
Accounting/HR Manager
Joshua Bertsch
Office/IT Administrator

Crime Victims Hotline:

Expungement Line:

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 Cleaning a Criminal Record in Minnesota

Cleaning a Criminal Record in Minnesota





To Help Crime Victims!

Volunteer as a crime victim advocate on the Council's 24 hour crisis hotline. You can work at home or in our offices. Flexible schedules.

Upcoming Volunteer Advocate Trainings:

June Orientation
Thu 6/18/2015 8:30am-3pm
Fri 6/19/2015 8:30am-3pm
(Lunch provided)

July Orientation
Wed 7/22/2015 3pm-9pm
Fri 7/24/2015 3pm-9pm
(Dinner provided)



Framework opinion paper by Jason Marque Sole, "The War on Drugs"

Framework opinion paper by Mitchell B. Pearlstein, Ph.D, "Crime, Justice, and Families"

Framework opinion paper by Phil Carruthers, "Sentencing Trends: Analysis and Recommendations"

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Reducing Racial Disparity
and Enhancing Public Safety
in the Judicial System
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