Racial Disparities Research Reports

"Compared to other states, Minnesota has the greatest black-to-white disparity in imprisonment rates.  In 1997..., the ratio of African Americans to whites in state prisons was 25.09 to 1."  (African American Males Report)

"African American males also accounted for over three-fourths of the arrests for narcotic drug laws in Minneapolis (77.1%).  In the same year, white males represented only 13.8% of the narcotic drug law arrests."  (African American Males Report)

"In 1999, African Americans represented 3.5% of Minnesota's population, but 35% of the adult male prison population."

"Minnesota's Black-to-White imprsonment ratio is the twelfth highest in the nation."

Do Drug Patterns Explain Racial Disparities in Drug Arrests in Minnesota?

Reducing Racial Disparity while Enhancing Public Safety

Minnesota Statewide Racial Disparity Profiling Report

Minnesota Racial Profiling Report:  All Jurisdictions Report, Summary of Findings

African American Males in the Criminal Justice System

Root Causes and Solutions to Disparities for Hispanics/Latinos in the Juvenile Justice System

American Indian Perspectives on Disparities in Minnesota's Criminal Justice System

Racial Disparity Initiative Final Report


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Reducing Racial Disparity
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