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FAQ for Crime Victims | Deaf Crime Victim Resource Page

General Crime Victim Services (GCVS) strives to find innovative and effective ways of assisting people who have been affected by crime. Our advocates seek to reduce the stress experienced by individuals in the aftermath of a crime, by offering both emotional and material solutions to immediate problems. Additionally, we provide on-going support through the complex criminal justice system to those who request it.

Theory of Change
If you provide services to victims of general crime (i.e., hotline support, in-person intervention, on-going support, education to professionals and community members) then the victim’s well-being will improve.

Project Services
o 24-hour crisis line operated by trained advocates
o Referrals to counseling, safe housing, legal assistance, and more
o Emergency lock re-keying to ensure safety
o Cell phone loans for domestic violence & stalking victims working toward a new, violence-free life 
o Limited emergency funds or help locating them
o Access to 24-hour phone interpretation for non-english speaking victims
o Explanation of the criminal justice system and rights of crime victims in Minnesota
    -Click here to learn more about Crime Victim Rights in Minnesota.
o Facilitation of contact with other criminal justice agencies
o Assistance filing Reparations claims and requesting restitution
o Court-room support for general crime victims, including Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) hearings
o Assistance to identity theft victims in recovering their “good name”

Many emotions surface when you or someone you know has been a victim of crime. Feelings of “why me?”, fear, anger, and frustration are common. We offer support and assistance through this difficult time.

 If you are experiencing shock, confusion, or just need someone to talk to about your victimization, we have a 24-hour confidential hotline for you to call.

 If you feel as if no one understands what it is like to be victimized by crime, we offer supportive groups to unite you with other victims of similar crime.

 If you are uncertain about or confused by the criminal justice system, we can assist you in understanding its complex processes and procedures.

 If your family or friends are affected by your victimization and need someone to speak to, we provide a supportive environment in which they can discuss their concerns and fears.

 If you feel unsafe at home and are constantly checking your locks, we provide lock changes and home repairs at no cost to help you feel secure. 

We also provide information and referrals to services and programs that can offer you additional support and assistance.


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